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Basic functions:MicrOTOF-Q is a high-resolution and high sensitivity mass spectrometry which can determine accurate mass of compounds, equipped isotope distribution pattern matching and MS/MS function at the same time.

Application areas:The molecular weight determination and formula inferring of below 3,000 Da polarity, weakly polarity compounds. The molecular weight determination of intact protein.

High-Performance MALDI-TOF Systems

((MALDI-TOF Autoflex ))

Basic functions:Soft Ionization Organic Mass Spectrometry, through the sample with the matrix co-crystallized manner, matrix molecules absorb the laser energy, the sample desorb, the analyte molecule does not generate debris.

Application areas:Analysis and identification of the complex system of polypeptide and protein. The molecular weight rapid determination of macromolecular compounds such as organic dyes, polysaccharides, polymers.



Basic functions:Batch processing, electron impact ionization EI and CI negative chemical ionization mode, Nist database. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of volatile mixed organic compounds. The determination of compound formulas.

Application areas:The separation, qualitative and quantitative detection of complex samples such as volatile environmental pollutants, pesticide residues in food andvolatile components of traditional Chinese medicine.


((Hitachi HPLC ))

Basic functions:LaChrom Elite HPLC (FL Detector and UV Detector), Chromaster HPLC (RI Detector and FL Detector), LaChrom UPLC (FL Detector, UV Detector and DAD Detector).

Application areas:LaChrom Elite HPLC (FL Detector and UV Detector), Chromaster HPLC (RI Detector and FL Detector), LaChrom UPLC (FL Detector, UV Detector and DAD Detector).


((Shimadzu LCMS-IT-TOF))

Basic functions:Capacity of MS10 mass spectrometry; achieve both high-resolution, high-quality precision and high sensitivity; Automatic MS/MS analysis, automatic switching from MS to MSn determination; Formula prediction software (Formula Predictor);

Application areas:The structures of small organic molecules analysis, identification of Chinese medicines, foods, spices, pesticide residues beast residues, identification of drug metabolites, biological macromolecules.



Basic functions:AXIMA-TOF/TOF MS, is a high-energy collision-induced dissociation (CID) MS/MS instrument, the type of analysis that can be carried for life science laboratories expanded.

Application areas:Proteins, polymers, oligonucleotides, SNPs, metabolic intermediate, lipids, carbohydrates and various small molecules. Degree of fragmentation of the high-energy CID can effectively improve the analysis of objects.Ion gating technology can provide the first ion separation resolution.

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