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LCMS-IT-TOF (Shimadzu)

Technical parameters:Technical parameters: Resolution: 10,000 FWHM at 1000 m/z; the MSn capacity: 10; highly selective precursor ion selection: resolution> 1,000 in the 1000 m / z; the polarity conversion time: 100 ms; quality accuracy: 5 ppm (internal standard).

Application areas: Application areas: It can be widely used in the structures of small organic molecules analysis, identification of Chinese medicines, foods, spices, pesticide residues beast residues, identification of drug metabolites, biological macromolecules, including peptides, a de novo sequencing, protein identification, post-translational modifications, and analysis of complex glycoproteins, which unknown compounds Formula forecast is its most distinctive feature.

AXIMA Performance-MALDI TOF/TOF (Shimadzu)

Technical parameters:Technical parameters: m/z range:1-500 kDa (linear mode), 1-80 kDa (reflective mode); resolution: 5000 FWHM (ACTH corticotropin 18-39) linear mode, 20000 FWHM (ACTH 7-38) reflection mode; sensitivity: 250 amol (Glu-fibrinopeptide) reflection mode; parent ion resolution> 400 FWHM; mass accuracy <5ppm reflective mode; using helium CID collision can obtain a high energy MS/MS, the maximum energy is 20 keV.

Application areas: Application areas: Proteins, polymers, oligonucleotides, SNPs, metabolic intermediate, lipids, carbohydrates and various small molecules. Degree of fragmentation of the high-energy CID can effectively improve the analysis of objects. Ion gating technology can provide the first ion separation resolution.

MS-2020 single quadrupole mass analyzer (Shimadzu)

Technical parameters:Technical parameters:Mass range m/z 10-2,000; resolution R=2M; scanning speed:15,000 Da/s; polarity of switching time is 15ms; positive and negative sensitivity 1pg reserpine, S/N>150 (RMS), ESI+; multi-sequence mode function: scan/SIM/positive ion/negative ion/CID switch up to 64 ways to collect data at the same time.

Application areas: Application areas:The qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic compounds, mainly used in chemistry, chemical industry, life sciences, food science, environmental science, agricultural science, medicine and health, clinical medicine and other fields.


Technical parameters:Technical parameters: 1) ESI orthogonal electrospray ionization ion source ( flow rate 1L-1mL/min); 2) Standard quality range 50-3,000 m/z; 3) Mass Resolution > 10,000 FWMH ( standard mode); 4) The application of external standard method, the error is 5 ppm (RMS).

Application areas: Application areas: The molecular weight determination and formula inferring of below 3,000 Da polarity, weakly polarity compounds. The molecular weight determination of intact protein macromolecules.

High-Performance MALDI-TOF Systems

Technical parameters:Technical parameters: 1) Mass Resolution: MS mode (reflective) ≥ 5,000; 2) Sensitivity: MS mode (reflective) 10 fmol Neurotensin, S/N ≥ 10:1.

Application areas: Application areas: Analysis and identification of the complex system of polypeptide and protein. The molecular weight rapid determination of macromolecular compounds such as organic dyes, polysaccharides, polymers.